About Us

Founder’s Journey

Ketan lost his parents at a tender age of 8 in 1987. And the worst part was he saw them burning alive in front of him but could not do anything to save them. He has 3 younger sisters and back then his youngest sister was just one and half year old. Because of all these his childhood and teenage were full of miseries and all his relationships were in a very bad shape.

But according to Ketan these things helped him to search for real happiness. After searching for real happiness for many years Ketan met Russian teacher BVG Janak who helped him heal all the wounds in his heart and reconcile with everyone in his life. Now he is happiest and full of life.

After his own healing with BVG Janak, Ketan surrendered his franchisee of Matrix Cellular, a company providing International SIM cards on rental basis, having multiple Corporates as clients and founded Self-healing Heart Transformation to serve full time as Professional Healer/Therapist/Life Coach to share the gift of Self-healing with people across the globe.

Ketan is also Motivational Speaker and gives talks at Corporate Events, Charity Events, Institutes,Colleges, NGOs. etc. If you wish to schedule his talk please send an email on selfhealinght@gmail.com