Transformed Heart Speaks.

Patrick Stultiens, CEO of Govind Valley, Sydney,Australia.
I am from Western background and I am CEO of a big project like Govinda Valley but I have learned a lot from Ketan and I can say that his method is universally applicable and beneficial for whoever needs to shift some emotional luggage.Thankyou Ketan and good luck with your practice of Heart Transformation.

Aleksandr Litkovski, a monk from Estonia on Self-healing Heart Transformation.
Self-healing Heart Transformation process truly works. Now day after day I become more and more happy and joyful person without mental concoction which I had before. So I am very grateful for this wonderful opportunity to go through Self-healing Heart Transformation with Ketan.

You can watch his full video testimonial here http://youtu.be/ICH2F1Jfb00

Espi Gonzalez,Sydney, Australia
I found the (Self-healing) Heart Transformation process to be very beneficial. I thought I had dealt with ‘issues’ from my childhood but when Ketan took me through the first guided meditation, tears started streaming down and genuine healing happened.
Forever grateful, Espi Gonzalez, NSW Australia.

Jay Weinstein Country of origin Australia, currently in Mumbai, India.
I deeply appreciated the skill, care, awareness and patience that Ketan brought to our sessions. His serving attitude and easy smile are perfect ingredients for working on one’s self. I felt a clear shift and my goal is to now keep it moving. I was asked to dig and share which would not have been possible without trust.

He created a comfortable and laid back feeling that was perfect.

I learned after the healing that there are so many things which are there in my heart which is not fully healed. So when I went through the guided meditation, I realised there are so many people for whom I hold grudges. Grudges may be small but I knew that they were there. And when he spoke about it to me, he said ‘If you are not able to do anything in your life with focus. If there is lack of attention and focus, it’s because of these grudges, it’s because of these events or (incomplete relationship with) people which you have not completed in the past.

So after the healing, we really felt light, not only me but my friends and family members who all were part of this healing, they all witnessed the same experience. Many of my colleagues and friends have benefited from the same (Self-healing Heart Transformation).

I wish that this technique spreads very fast, with his (Ketan’s) efforts far and wide and many people across the world take advantage of this Self-healing Heart Transformation.

You can watch his full video testimonial on https://youtu.be/d82mPqib-a4

Meher Engineer, Exec. Asst. to Managing Director, Tata Power, Mumbai.
Earlier I was living directionless life, a life full of ups and downs and trouble in my relationships. And then one day I met Ketan. Ketan changed my perspective of life. Ketan gave me a new direction in life and how to improvise my relationships. My relationships turned overnight and I am a good proper human being today, successful in all my relationships.
I want to thank Ketan from the bottom of my heart for changing my life’s direction. Thank you, Ketan. Thank you very much.

Umesh Soni, founder of BioBliss, one of the largest manufacturer of cow products, Mumbai.
When I took up this Self-healing course, I found that it was scientific way to heal our grudges, our conditioning. This course taught me how to heal yourself, how to protect yourself from dangerous surroundings. I can say this course can truly make a person happy.

This course helps us to find happiness.

Utpala Mishra, Owner Utpala Mishra Interior Designs, Mumbai.

In the session Ketan spotted deep rooted anger, fear, resentment and many other emotions and worked on it. My healing happened in the first session itself and it was very powerful. The result, I am on my 15th day and feeling calm about the same issues I had before and I am able to see things in a different perspective. The moment I made the shift, my environment has softened out dramatically.

With the new understanding about life and it’s purpose I am feeling very comfortable and in a highlife condition. And very happy to see my life coming back on track. I have started feeling joy in little little things that I do in day day to life.

Thanks Ketan, for bringing about the big change in me. I am truly thankful.

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